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Haarlem is our city. Most of our employees are born and bred muggen and our company is located in the Waarderpolder, the industrial area of Haarlem. We have been relocating in Haarlem since 1998, so we have seen all the streets and neighborhoods a bit. That is why you will never see us with a very large truck in the Leidsebuurt or the Pentagon. As a real Haarlem mover, we know which vehicles we can use in which neighborhood. So, if you are looking for a good moving company in Haarlem, please call us for a quote

Our top movers are ready for your move in Haarlem

What a heroes those movers of ours. With a smile they are ready every day to make your move in Haarlem a success. We are prouder than proud of our movers. Piece by piece cut from the right wood. Moving gurus, moving grand masters and moving legends all work at M&M Verhuizingen and every day they go on their way to another satisfied customer. Do you also want to be a satisfied customer? Request a quote quickly and we will be happy to visit you for a no-obligation valuation visit.

Moving in Haarlem with removal insurance

Your move in Haarlem is in good hands with M&M Verhuizingen. But even these good hands occasionally drop something. Moving is human work and even our best movers sometimes make mistakes. Then it is good to know that you are properly insured. During the move, your household effects are insured up to € 100,000 per car load. This amount is almost always sufficient, but should the value of the household effects exceed this amount, it is always possible to increase this amount slightly.

Schedule an appointment with our advisor for your move in Haarlem

Because no relocation in Haarlem is the same, our relocation advisor will be happy to visit you. This man knows all about moving and dreams in cubic meters. The story goes that he spent his first 2 years in a moving box. Our consultant makes an estimate of the number of cubic meters of the contents to be moved and discusses with you which activities may be performed. You will receive a detailed quote within 1 working day.

Moving company in Haarlem with a moving lift

As a modern moving company in Haarlem, we naturally have various moving lifts. This makes it possible to easily move your belongings through the window or via the balcony up to the 7th floor. We also have handy lifts that you can set up in difficult places on site, for example in a backyard or an alley. For those who like moving jargon, we call this a Geda lift.

Moving company in Haarlem with a crane

Are you looking for a moving company in Haarlem that has a crane? We have been working very well with a number of companies that do have cranes for years. Sometimes it can be an economical solution to use a truck-mounted crane or a “city crane”. These are not those huge cranes. These are built up quickly and can easily lift a wing over the roof. And this is a lot cheaper than a tower crane.

Disassembly and assembly of furniture

In our profession we come across all types of furniture every day; We almost know the full range of Ikea by name, but we also regularly come across custom-made designer furniture. We are happy to include the disassembly and assembly of your furniture in our quotation; this is often cheaper than you think. Are you looking for a moving company in Haarlem that expertly disassembles and reassembles your furniture, then you do not have to look any further and you can request a quote on this page.

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Helemaal top

Nette jongens Werken snel Werken netjes Denken mee Echt een aanrader
- Overveen - September 24, 2021

Goede service

Dit is de tweede keer dat ik ben verhuisd door M en M. De communicatie is goed en prettig, zijn goed bereikbaar en zijn goed op de hoogte van de situatie. De verhuizers zijn goed, gezellig. Klantvriendelijk en servicegericht. Er wordt zorgvuldig gekeken naar de samenstelling van de verhuizers, daarmee bedoel ik dat er een teamleider is, dit werkt heel goed. De volgende verhuizing wordt M en M.
- Almere - September 23, 2021

Prompt, professional and clean

Really cannot fault Maarten and his team - responsive in communication throughout the process, arrived and finished timely, team were polite (even to my demanding young kids !) and clean, and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure a stress free move (dropping additional boxes on short notice was appreciated).
- Amsterdam - June 28, 2021


Due to unexpected circumstances they were not able to send me a quotation. They apologized and I understood.
- Amsterdam - March 27, 2021

Alles verliep snel en goed!

Sebas en Cher hebben mij mega goed geholpen met het verhuizen van meubels van het oude naar het nieuwe adres. Ondanks de vele trappen omhoog naar de eindbestemming van de meubels, sliep ik met een gerust hart in m’n nieuwe woning (letterlijk). Mannen, bedankt!
- Amsterdam - March 10, 2021

Goede en fijne operatie

Goed geregeld allemaal. Fijne communicatie vooraf.
- Haarlem - March 4, 2021

Uitstekende service en zeer vlotte verhuizing!

Absoluut aan te raden als verhuizers. Zeer goede communicatie met ons en ze hebben er verstand van. De jongens die ons verhuisd hebben waren op elkaar ingespeeld, werkten zeer vlot en efficiënt en erg prettig waren in de omgang. Ze hebben de tools en weten waar ze mee bezig zijn, dus de verhuizing was vlot verlopen.
- Haarlem - January 18, 2021

Top verhuisbedrijf!!! Voldeed aan alle verwachtingen!!

We zijn onlangs verhuisd van Castricum naar Dirkshorn met ons gezin en we zijn ontzettend tevreden met M&M verhuizingen! Ik wist niet dat verhuizen (met kids) zo relax kon zijn als je professionals in huurt kan dat dus en dat zijn deze verhuizers! Zeer vriendelijk personeel, van aanvraag offerte tot en met ophalen dozen na de verhuizing. Naast dat ze heel kundig en vriendelijk zijn, zijn ze ook nog eens super snel! En deden ze ontzettend hun best alles in goede banen te leiden, dan kan ik alleen maar zeggen, dan heb je verstand van zaken en heel veel ervaring en dat was dan ook duidelijk zichtbaar! Ik zou dit verhuisbedrijf iedereen aanraden! Goede prijs kwaliteit verhouding ook! Bedankt!!!!
- Castricum - November 19, 2020
349 customers rate us with a 9.4/10

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M&M Verhuzingen is a removal company with only very experienced movers. Despite the fact that we moved for many years, we still find our work is fun and we ensure that our customers, beyond a flawless migration, also have an enjoyable day.




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