‎Moving lift‎ in Haarlem


Rent a moving lift in Haarlem‎

Are you moving and do you have your own moving van or help, or do you have to bring your new sofa upstairs? For these kinds of jobs we have our great moving lift service in Haarlem. We work with our sister company Verhuislift Centrale. Further on this page you will find more information about the rates and how to reserve our lifts.


‎Easy moving with a moving lift in Haarlem‎

‎The corridors and stairwells in Haarlem are often very narrow, especially if you live in the center. When you move or want to bring a large piece of furniture downstairs or upstairs, this often creates complications. Fortunately, windows and balconies are the perfect solution for this. Our moving lift operators are experienced with almost every type of street and house and can therefore install the lift against your window or balcony without any problems. This means that your furniture can still be taken in and out of your home without any problems.

Reservation moving lift Haarlem‎

Reserving our moving lifts in Haarlem is easy via the reservation form on our website. When we have received your reservation you will receive an overview of the total costs and your request. You will have to confirm the order one more time before it becomes final. This prevents misunderstandings and ambiguities.

Of course you can also reserve the removal lift by telephone. For this we have specially chosen an easy to remember number, namely 0800-0000. To make it even easier for you, you can even book our removal lift via WhatsApp. If you click on the green icon at the bottom right of the website with your mobile phone, you have an instant Whatsapp connection. We are happy to be there for you!

‎(almost) Always available‎

Our moving lifts and operators are at your service 7 days a week, even in the evening or at the weekend. And if it couldn’t get any better, we don’t charge call-out costs in Haarlem either! You can easily and quickly book a removal lift via our website or by calling 0800 – 0000.

Don’t wait any longer and make your move easier with a removal lift from verhuisliftcentrale.nl

Urgent jobs

Has your new cupboard just been delivered and is it now outside because it cannot go up through the stairwell? Then we offer a solution with our last minute removal lift service in Haarlem. If you think it couldn’t get any better, you’re wrong! We also charge the same rate for our emergency service. The fastest way to order our removal lift with operation is simply to call 0800-0000. But we also respond quickly via our Whatsapp request.

‎Moving lift service for 1 object in Haarlem‎

You can also hire our moving lifts to move 1 object.

Have you just bought a new cupboard and it doesn’t fit through the stairwell or do you finally want to get that old sideboard out of your house? Call our object service for this. For € 80,- your object is above or below.

‎Moving lift for several hours in Haarlem‎

‎Sometimes you have a large moving job and you need the removal lift for several hours. This is no problem at all for the Verhuislift Centrale, even if you need the removal lift at your old and new address. We simply drive with you to the new location. We charge €90 for the first hour, and each subsequent hour will cost you only €60 for the removal lift including service.

‎Manned Moving Lift in Haarlem‎

If you rent a removal lift from us, it will always come with a top mover! Our elevator operators have been in the moving business for years and are experienced with almost every situation. Our operators are happy to assist you with loading and unloading the removal lift and can provide you with useful advice when loading the removal van.

We therefore dare to say that the best lift operators in Haarlem are employed by us. Where many other lift services refuse to install a lift, our men almost always succeed in setting up the removal lift properly and safely.

‎Moving lift to the 9th floor‎

‎We use our largest moving lift to reach the 9th floor. This is due to the ladder that can extend up to 27 meters high. That is why we come to the top floor of almost every apartment in Haarlem. In addition, we are also the proud owner of a so-called Geda lift. This handy little elevator can be set up in a backyard or alley. With our Geda elevator we can reach the 3rd floor.

‎No damage to your staircase portal‎

‎When you use a removal lift during the move, the chance of possible damage is limited to 85 percent. When you move with the help of friends, you are not working with professionals, which can cause you damage faster. If you rent a moving lift from us, you don’t have to make difficult turns to come down the stairs with your beautiful furniture. Our experienced elevator operators also keep an eye on things. This way you can transfer your household effects even with the least experienced movers.‎

‎Business customers‎

‎As a removal lift service in Haarlem, we often work with regular business customers. We can count solar panel suppliers, roofers, sunscreens and furniture suppliers among our regular customer base. Our regular customers pay on account as standard and we ensure that we are ready for them, even with urgent jobs. If we don’t have the time ourselves, we have a large professional network that delivers (almost) the same quality.

‎Exemption from moving lift Haarlem‎

Although Haarlem is our favorite city to work in, the municipality does not always make installing a removal lift easy. An exemption is often required for this. You can apply for the lift permit online via this link.

It is important that you complete the form and return it signed, together with a situation drawing. In addition, it is sometimes necessary to submit a diversion plan. Our moving lift is standard equipped with cones and a “through traffic blocked sign”. So at least the area around the moving lift is well marked

‎Moving lift outside Haarlem‎

‎Of course, our moving lifts do not only run in Haarlem. We can also be found daily in beautiful Amsterdam, for which we do not charge any call-out costs. We can also be deployed throughout the Randstad and beyond. Call-out costs per city can be found on our website.

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Super snelle, vriendelijke verhuizers

Wat een verademing! Vandaag supersnel en goed verhuisd door Maurits en Jay. Ze waren pro actief en communiceerden goed. Een enorme aanrader.
- Amsterdam - maart 13, 2024

Best experience I could ask for. Very satisfied.

My boxes and storage things have been with M&M Verhuizingen for over a year now and the fees have been so affordable. My things remained safe and in great condition. Their team even offered to help me with printing labels and attaching them to my boxes for me as I was out of the country.Amazing and very helpful team. I am very satisfied with my experience.
- London - november 7, 2023

Niet verder zoeken, dit is de beste verhuizer!

Deze vakmensen schakelen snel en zijn flexibel in de planning waar het kan. Ik ben al diverse keren bij verhuizingen geholpen en elke keer zeer naar tevredenheid. De verhuizers gaan voorzichtig om met alle spullen en zijn ook nog eens bijzonder vriendelijk.Er wordt vlot en beleefd gecommuniceerd. Wat wil je nog meer?
- Haarlem - oktober 26, 2023

hele goede verhuisbedrijf

Great people.Move from 6 bedroomhouse to large apartment in Amsterdam. Including packing. Everything hoisted up to 6th floor with external elevator. Move took 2 days. Nice and friendly and definately know what they are doing
- Amsterdam - oktober 6, 2023

Removal & Storage Support

M&M Verhuizingen have been my removal company of choice since 2021 and I have moved twice with them now. They have also provided me with excellent, secure and cheap storage options as I was not able to move into my new apartment right away. Maarten and Esther are super lovely and helpful people to work with and organise the move + storage itself. The team I have worked the most with is headed up by Mauritz and Storm and they have done nothing short of an amazing job every time I have worked with them. Such an awesome service and awesome people! I will continue to use them should I need to move again.
- Amsterdam - mei 1, 2023

Perfecte verhuizing uitgevoerd door fantastisch team

Op één van de laatste dagen van 2022 heeft het team van M&M Verhuizingen onze bedrijfsverhuizing geweldig uitgevoerd. Snel, met een fantastisch team verhuizers.
- Amsterdam - januari 5, 2023

Hele goede ervaring

Maurits en team hebben heel netjes en vakkundig gewerkt. Goed werk!
- Weesp - januari 5, 2023


All went really perfectly. From the first contact asking for a quote to the last minute of the move, everything went very smoothly. Their team members are very professional and will go the extra mile to make sure your move goes as smoothly as possible, will recommend!
- amsterdam - november 23, 2022
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